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Fast nearly on top of us

Organising a drinking party in a brewery is far harder than many people think. You've got to make sure there are enough glasses, make sure the toilets are not locked, (and that there's someone sober enough to clean them up at the end of the evening), and then there are the invitations.... It never ends.

By which I mean of course that there are lot of enthusiastic kids expecting to do the sponsored fast next weekend, but I've no idea how it is going to go.

This time we are looking particularly at supply chains (useful double meaning) in the garment industry. Most clothes shops have no way of knowing whether there is slavery in their supply chain. And if you think about it that means that in most cases there probably is, somewhere.

We plan to do some publicity stunt or other in the town, then hand out letters for people to send to their favourite clothes shop CEO, saying sort your head out and audit your supply chain for fair treatment of workers.

But the man organising the show is myself. so... Please pray for us! We need it!


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May. 6th, 2014 04:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your prayers! See next post...
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