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Good grief

I haven't been here for ages! I wonder if anyone else is around? (Gosh, isn't it dark? Creepy too. Am I alone?



(Echoes too. This is a bit weird. I'm back off to Facebook. It may be an evil totalitarian regime, but at least it's not haunted...)

Avoid Facebook Completely Revolution

Facebook eroding their users privacy again.....
Read the full story here:


Faith beyond church

Research was carried recently for the Church of Scotland into people who are Christian but don't go to church.
I thought my readers might find this report interesting.

Author is Steve Aisthorpe.

Faith Journeys Beyond The Congregations


The three scientists joke

A sociologist, a biologist and a physicist went on holiday to Scotland. "Oh look" said the sociologist, pointing out of the window at a black sheep, "the sheep in Scotland are black!"
"You're going way beyond the evidence there, my friend," said the biologist. "The most you can possibly say is that some of the sheep in Scotland are black."
"Careful," said the physicist, "I think you may mean 'in Scotland there is at least one sheep, at least one side of which has the appearance of being black.' "


Rana Plaza

This is worth reading:

Rana Plaza in Vogue Mag

I know that you know that I don't generally read Vogue, but such is the wonder of the internet that when you start hunting for something you find it places you might not otherwise have looked.

One telling point from this article is that Primark, because they have been caught out before, were actually the first to 'fess up to having clothes made at Rana Plaza, and have since then (with Tesco) pulled out of similarly un-safe factories elsewhere.  But they are still seen by the public as the main culprits.

Not For Sale

Please please don't despise me for referencing the Dark Side, but some good pics of the latest event available at:

The Fast of the Furious

Well, it went. The Beautiful L, and her good friend C, joined in and made it happen close to the last minute. We borrowed stuff, (cameras, amplifiers etc) and bought stuff (a chain!). We fasted for 24 hours, and we were shattered at the end. Lots was learned by all. The kids had never before had the experience of grown-ups telling them to get lost. "I didn't know adults were so rude!" was one of the answers to the question "What have you learned?". But there were positive notes: lots learned about the Stop The Traffik cause.

I've written to Private Eye asking for a copy of the cartoon I posted here a while back under the heading Another Simon Legree,so we can auction it. Any early bids?

Fast nearly on top of us

Organising a drinking party in a brewery is far harder than many people think. You've got to make sure there are enough glasses, make sure the toilets are not locked, (and that there's someone sober enough to clean them up at the end of the evening), and then there are the invitations.... It never ends.

By which I mean of course that there are lot of enthusiastic kids expecting to do the sponsored fast next weekend, but I've no idea how it is going to go.

This time we are looking particularly at supply chains (useful double meaning) in the garment industry. Most clothes shops have no way of knowing whether there is slavery in their supply chain. And if you think about it that means that in most cases there probably is, somewhere.

We plan to do some publicity stunt or other in the town, then hand out letters for people to send to their favourite clothes shop CEO, saying sort your head out and audit your supply chain for fair treatment of workers.

But the man organising the show is myself. so... Please pray for us! We need it!

Fast fast approaching

I lack Suzie's talent for getting things done... or maybe just the time.  We're a month away from this year's anti- people trafficking youth event, this time a sponsored fast.  as yet it's only just begining to come into focus.  Lots of work, not much time...

Mar. 28th, 2014

A quote from Hitch Hikers Guide: stored here for want of a good scrap of paper:

"This planet has - or rather had - a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which was odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy."

Douglas Adams